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Finding Sex Partners in your City

If you’re like me and have tried to find sex partners online, you’re probably run into some obstacles. It’s not as easy as signing up for an adult dating service or trying craigslist casual encounters. You need to put a little effort into it. So why are we all so hung up on how to find a sex partner online in the first place?

Perhaps the very most liberating influence that the internet has had upon American society has been in terms not just of connecting people socially and through business, but also taking a great deal of hassle – and luck – away from finding a suitable relationship. As much as there are thousands of stories of people finding their life partner (they hope) through online dating sites, increasingly people are opting into the idea of using them to enter into more casual relationships. There are many sites offering services to connect people, so let’s take a look at a few reasons why people decide to try and find a hookup online, and some of the more popular ways to achieve this.

It’s common knowledge that the sanctity of marriage vows don’t mean quite as much to people nowadays as they may have to generations past. Indeed the statistics suggest that those exchanging vows today will have little more than a 50% chance of remaining with this partner until the end of their days. For many people the simple truth is that marriage is something that can be either delayed or even ignored, until possibly the right person is encountered further down the line.

Living in a society that is competitive, career centric and quite clearly pushes people to make individual successes of themselves through careers and educational achievement has also pushed traditional dating to the back burner. Quite simply few people have the time to engage in a series of dates that may well lead nowhere, and they would rather use a little science to find sex partners.

However most of the mainstream dating sites make great play on the success that their members have had in achieving long term commitments – so where to look for some more casual fun?

There are a huge range of sites out there that look to cater for all tastes and niches. Before dismissing the leading operators such as Match, Zoosk and eHarmony it is worthwhile bearing in mind the advantages of these sites for those looking to find a casual hookup. These sites have tens of thousands of active members, and anywhere in the country there is bound to be someone who will share a similar outlook and the searcher finds attractive enough to invite in a date. As an extension of this statistical truism, so too is it fair to say that by no means are all of these matches going to be looking for a life partner – as noted above, people are going to be much more likely looking for casual kicks, at least to start with.

At this point it is worth pointing out that by no means is this attitude one that is wholly synonymous with younger generations. While they may have a more natural affiliation to social networking and communication online, it is very common that older and more senior individuals are looking for something casual and non committal also. There’s a lot of divorcees out there, and understandably many will be looking to take a break away from any aspect of marital commitment. So don’t be shy, here’s a quick guide to some of the more established places for casual hookups.

Craiglist is probably the most well known online personal advertising service, and there are plenty of people who use it to meet up for casual relationships – indeed this is arguably what the site is best known for nowadays. Other well known services tend to take a very similar approach to more mainstream dating sites, usually charging for an annual service following a free trial. Adultfriendfinder.com is maybe the most well known, but can feel a little bloated with having many times more ‘free’ members than those who actively participate, although again there should be more than enough for everyone. Perhaps a better option for those more seriously looking into this kind of service is Lavalife’s Intimate Encounters section, that has a much clubbier community vibe.

There are a wealth of others out there catering for the most demanding and enthusiastic niches, but like all dating services remember to make informed decisions and never forget – it’s supposed to be fun!